Blog Entry #8: Final Artworks – Murals For Communities in Waterford 2020..

In 2020 the final edition of Murals for Communities brought to the city of Waterford the addition of three original mural artworks created by the selected Travelling Mural Artists Group (TMAG): Aches (Ireland), Martynas Auz (Lithuania) in collaboration with Local Artist Magdalene Karol (Ireland), BURPK (Netherlands) in collaboration with Local Artist Decoy (Ireland).

Due to Covid 19, the international artists, to comply with restrictions in place in each country were not able to travel. Also, the workshops, due to the need for social distancing, were held online, allowing the TMAG Artists to participate in the workshop activities in each country. The new contingency plan put together by the 3 partner management teams allowed for the 2 transnational artists to collaborate with the 2 local artists to develop the sketches that were then painted by the local artists in each partner city.

The artists, led by the Local Mentor Artist Niall O' Loughlin (Ireland), held brainstorming arts workshops with three local community groups based in Waterford. The artworks are a direct interpretation of the ideas elicited in the series of workshop activities held with the Vita Community Hub (Rehab centre for young adults with disabilities), Aiséirí Céim Éile (a secondary treatment centre based in Waterford city for men and women in recovery from addiction) and Killure Nursing Home.

Waterford Artwork No 1: Three hearts

Artist: Aches, 2020

Aches realised this painting after the workshop with the Aiséirí Céim Éile group. The artist painted
3 hearts overlayed to represent the idea of community, friends and family. The hearts are also arranged to look like a small community, 3 heads at the top and 2 just below. It could also be read as a bunch of balloons floating.

Waterford Artwork No 2: Open the door

Artist: BURPK and Decoy, 2020

In this collaborative piece, BURPK designed the 3 pigeons' illustrations, and Decoy focused on the background. BURPK focused on the idea of life, people, and connecting. Dutch artist uses pigeons as a symbol of freedom. Artist decoy, inspired by the phrase "open the door" which often was mentioned during the workshop with the Vita Community Hub group, designed colourful doors that represent opportunities, the worlds behind doors, with the message: open up yourself to people, new friendships, to something new and colourful.

BURPK's illustration with the two birds stands for feeling safe and lonely in this Covid time.

The one with the birdhouse stands for being home and finally open the door to go back to life again (VITA - life in Italian). The open the door to enter to chase your dreams.

The last one represents “The woman with the twig”, a personal artist's interpretation of freedom.

Waterford Artwork No 3: Stylish pond

Artist: Maertynas Auz and Magdalene Karol, 2020

The artist Martynas Auz chose to represent a stylised landscape, by creating a composition tending to abstraction to ignite the imagination of the viewer so that everyone can see something peculiar and unique in it. The piece also performs as a therapeutic
function due to the artist's chromatic choice. Magda executed the painting.