Blog Entry #6: Final Artworks - Murals For Communities in Kaunas 2019.

In 2019 the First edition of Murals for Communities brought to the city of Kaunas the addition of three original mural artworks created by the selected Travelling Mural Artists Group (TMAG): Magda Karol (Ireland), Morfai (Lithuania), (Netherlands).

The artists have worked closely with diverse community groups and the artworks are the results of the ten days Artists in Residency programme where the TMAG, assisted by the Local Mentor Mural Artist and the two Local Artists, facilitated workshop activities with each community group.

At the end of the activities sessions, each TMAG chose a group to give a visual representation to the ideas generated as a result of the questions asked during the workshops.

Kaunas Artwork No 1: Caring is Sharing

Artist: Magda Karol, 2019

The artist Magda Karol (Waterford, Ireland) expresses the idea of her mural by the words: ‘Caring is Sharing’. The community of Šančiai district in Kaunas inspired her. We see the beautiful ripped strawberry presented to the viewer. The symbol of strawberry has a rich history from the Christian Medieval symbolism to our days. One is related to innocence and the other to eroticism. We remember the fairy tale of Brothers Grimm about the pure girl, when one day during winter, the stepmother makes her go out to find strawberries deep in the woods.

Kaunas Artwork No 2: Communication is Sacred

Artist: Wesley van Haughten Dazetwo, 2019

‘Communication is Sacred’, - says the artist Wesley van Haughten Dazetwo (Heerlen, Netherlands), he was inspired by Kaunas Žaliakalnis community. ‘Crows and ravens may look similar and are both highly intelligent birds, very much communal creatures like people’. The mural he created in Kaunas, has many important allusions to the European culture like the poem ‘The Raven’ of Edgar Allan Poe and the one of the most beautiful Lithuanian fairy tale ‘Twelve Brethren Flying Black Ravens’.

Kaunas Artwork No 3: Village

Artist: Morfai, 2019

Timotiejus Norvila Morfai (Kaunas, Lithuania) illustrates the story of the old man from the community of Kalniečiai, Kaunas by his mural ‘Village’. ‘The apartment houses around you, - told the old man, - were built in 1974. This was a time many years ago when we started to live here. It was the first district of modern apartment buildings during the Soviet era. Dear artists, there was a village right in the place you are creating murals now. People living in new houses could buy fresh milk from farmers. The tractor driver living in the neighbourhood brought the stones from the fields by his tractor to make a small park near the apartment houses beautiful’.