Blog Entry #7: Final Artworks – Murals For Communities in Kaunas 2020.

In 2020 the Fourth edition of Murals for Communities brought to the city of Kaunas the addition of three original mural artworks created by the selected Mural Artists Group (TMAG): transnational artist Martynas Auž, artists Ieva Olimpija Voroneckytė and Ramūnas, with participation of the mentor artist Vytenis Jakas, Lithuania.

Due to the quarantine restrictions of Corona-19 virus and the general agreement of the partners, the selected artists Aches (Ireland) and BURPK (Netherlands) could not come to Lithuania. The murals were drawn by the local artists who interacted with the local communities in three neighborhoods that were once new and modern and now face problems of unemployment, high migration from the country, and hidden poverty. The artist Martynas Auž created the mural ‘Dainava’ in collaboration with the Kaunas Dainava Community. Ieva Olimpija Voroneckytė created the mural “Water. Earth. Air” with Panemunė. Ramūnas created the mural “TIKėjimas” with the Kaunas Court Yard Gallery Community.

Kaunas Artwork No 1: Dainava

Artist: Martynas Auž, 2020

Idea: After the meeting with the Dainava community and so many different desires, the idea arose to accept this challenge and try to create a color composition that looks like a decor in the yard at the first glance, starting from cats and ladders, sea and to flamingo and balloons. My desire is that the community would feel heard and to feel that the community contributed to the mural in the true sense of the word, so I think it will be the fun for everyone to turn their heads and discover the things they have told. There will be the things for the kids to do trying to count and find all the cats I am hiding in the drawing and thus develop a fantasy, maybe even discover more than I did. By the artist Martynas Auž.

Kaunas Artwork No 2: Water. Earth. Air.

Artist: Ieva Olimpija Voroneckytė, 2020

Idea. This art work was born from the opinions and ideas of the local people of Kaunas Panemunė, most of them were focused on nature, exotic landscapes, preservation of animals and forests....The wall faces the playground, which is constantly full of action, so the drawing got a childish style, but with a deep idea of nature protection and community, friendship, unity. I combined 3 characters into a common plot, reflecting three different elements, qualities, and the need of all of us for those qualities to spread within us, as well as the need to get clean water and air from the environment, fresh food, clean vital energy. Turtle - water element, longevity, wisdom. The lion is an inhabitant of the earth, a representative of the element of fire, courage, confidence. Toucan - the element of air, freedom of movement and choice. Water is vital energy, clean and pure. Vegetation - growth, we need clean, healthy food, air and just beauty for the eyes. By the artist Ieva Olimpija Voroneckytė.

Kaunas Artwork No 3: TIKėjimas

Artist: Ramūnas, 2020

Idea. Life is an abyss. Simply - just go. If you have the faith and trust, you will achieve your goal. The words in Lithuanian have two meanings: "TIK ėjimas” (Just going) and "Tikėjimas” (Faith). By the artist Ramūnas.