Blog Entry #3: Introducing Katherine and Edel.

Meet Katherine Collins and Edel Tobin, project managers of Creative Europe funded initiative Murals for Communities this coming August 10-20th 2019. Katherine and Edel are part of the Waterford-team, working for Waterford City and County Council and The Walls Project respectively. Don't worry, we asked them to introduce themselves to you:

Katherine (WCCC): "I have the role of Project Manager for Murals for Communities. This entails working closely with each of the partners, including the Walls Project, which has an enviable reputation throughout Waterford, Ireland and further afield for their work, and was the natural partner for Waterford City and County Council to work with. The core concept of the Murals for Communities project is that it seeks to explore and capture the potential of mural arts as a tool for community engagement by creating mural artworks through community involvement.

Edel Tobin (TWP): "Murals for Communities is an initiative that started as a result of the enormous success of Waterford Walls Festival. Waterford Council could see the benefits of mural art and how it connects and strengthens communities. So they partnered with The Walls Project to apply for European funding to bring Murals for Communities to Waterford City and two other European cities: Heerlen (Netherlands) and Kaunas (Lithuania).
Murals for Communities is about enlivening public space and connecting communities.

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