Blog Entry #5: Final Artworks - Murals For Communities in Waterford 2019.

In 2019 the First edition of Murals for Communities brought to the city of Waterford the addition of three original mural artworks created by the selected Travelling Mural Artists Group (TMAG): Magda Karol (Ireland), Morfai (Lithuania), Studio Yasja (Netherlands).

The artists have worked closely with three diverse community groups: Polish, Sudanese, Syrian/Residents. The artworks are the results of the ten days Artists in Residency programme where the TMAG, assisted by the Local Mentor Mural Artist Niall O'Loughlin and the two Local Artists Lisa Murphy and Caoilfhionn Hanton, facilitated workshop activities with each community group.

At the end of the activities sessions, each TMAG chose a group to give a visual representation to the ideas generated as a result of the questions asked during the workshops. The community groups during the seminars expressed their thoughts on "what would they like to see in Waterford City to feel more at home", "how would they imagine the city in the future" among the other questions.

Waterford Artwork No 1: The Tree

Artist: Magda Karol, 2019

Magda worked with the Polish Community, and "The Tree" artwork expressed this group’s desire to see more trees in the city.

Polish Community group, Artist Magda Karol and The Walls Project management team.

Waterford Artwork No 2: Different Together

Artist: Studio Yasja, 2019

Yasja chose worked with the Syrian/Residents group in Waterford. During the workshop activities, the artist was fascinated by hearing the story of the journey of a young mother from Syria to Ireland and decided to paint a portrait of the young Syrian mother facing a western lady (artist self-portrait).

Syrian Community group, Artist Studio Yasja and The Walls Project management team.

Waterford Artwork No 3: Communities Together

Artist: Morfai, 2019

Morfai chose to work with the Sudanese group. The artist depicts in this artwork a diverse community group where people from different nationalities help each other, showcasing the vital role of collaboration, where individuals are carrying water and passing buckets from one to another to put out the “fire”.

Sudanese Community group, Artist Morfai and The Walls Project management team.