Blog Entry #2: Community Workshops in Waterford.

The first week of Murals for Communities in Waterford is well on its way. By now, the artists have had a chance to explore this new city and meet the communities they will be working with. The first workshops will center around interaction with the local community, creating an environment in which they are able to share ideas and influences. The artists will then take these themes and inspirations to create their design for the upcoming mural.

The participating communities are provided - within the workshop - with a number of questions that will create a kind of moodboard for the artists to work from. The artists will get to know the background of the locals, but also the way in which they see and approach their enironment. Essential information for 'Community-based Murals'.

Also, the locals are invited to get to know the medium the artists are working with. In this case: spraycans. The ones in the picture, however, are of a different kind than your standard - run of the mill - spraycan: these smaller ones are based on a water-soluble laquer that is easier to use inside without protection. Perfect for the smaller workshops. Enjoy some of the colourful designs below!