Murals for Communities in Heerlen, The Netherlands
Heerlen, The Netherlands

The second edition of Murals for Communities is held in Heerlen (the Netherlands). Home of the Stichting Street Art/Street Art Foundation. The artist-roster for this event will soon be published here. In the second Murals for Communities event, the artist-team (or: TMAG) will visit Heerlen to create three new mural. Here, they will also work with local communities to gather inspiration for the final work.

Murals for Communitie
s is an international collaboration between Waterford, Heerlen and Kaunas. Together, the three cities and their local organizations are developing a method for working with (and improving) local communities through Street Art and muralism. The two goals:
1. Creating community-based Street Art, strengthening the community.
2. Self-Sufficiency of the Artists and the generation of new opportunities.

During 10 days, the artists will visit the town of Heerlen and create one mural each. These murals are always inspired by workshops with the local communities. The artists and assistants implement the guidelines and method that were developed by the teams from Waterford, Heerlen and Kaunas. In the proces, they are also providing important feedback for adjustments. The event will visit Waterford, Heerlen and Kauans in both 2019 and 2020.

The Artists taking part in this first edition :

Heerlen, the Netherlands

Kaunas, Lithuania
Timotieujus Norvila

Waterford, Ireland
Magdalene Karol