Murals in Kaunas
Kaunas, Lithuania

The fourth edition of Murals for Communities is held in Kaunas (Lithuania). Home of 'Innovative Creative Projects' and Kaunas University of Technology from July 20th to July 30th.

Transnational mural artists Martynas Auž (Lithuania), Aches (Ireland), BURPK (Netherlands), together with the local mentor artist Vytenis Jakas, and local artists Ieva Olimpija Voroneckytė (Lithuania) and Ramūnas (Lithuania), will hold brainstorming arts workshops with three local community groups based in Kaunas.

Due to Covid, the international artists, to comply with restrictions in place in each country, are not able to travel. The new contingency plan put together by the three partner management teams allows the two transnational artists to collaborate on-line with the two local artists to develop a sketch that will be painted on walls in Kaunas City by the local artists.

The artworks will be a direct interpretation of the ideas elicited in the series of workshop activities held with the Panemunė, Dainava and Court Yard Gallery Communities of Kaunas. Participating communities represent the neglected spaces where lived the working class people of the factories closed after the declaration of the Independence of Lithuania from the Soviet Union.

The hidden poverty is characteristic to the communities. Huge emigration from country because of unemployment during the last 20 years changed the lives of the nearby every Lithuanian family. Many old people live alone separated from their children and grandchildren.

The community groups, artists and businesses will be involved in this exciting programme. Every new mural created during the international residency time will serve as the uniting power for the communities until Kaunas becomes the European Capital of Culture in 2022.