Kaunas University.

Kaunas is the second largest city in Lithuania, behind the capital Vilnius. While mostly being an industrial centre during communism, the city currently faces issues related to economic and social neglect, leading to persistent problems of disconnection between many communities and groups living in the city, including ethnic minorities (e.g. Tatars, Russians, and Jewish communities). The city is under a process of social and cultural re-emergence, underlined by the city’s successful European Capital of Culture application, becoming the official holder of the title in 2022. Based on the bid, a focus point of the city is to establish stronger interlinkages between cultural participation and social cohesion. Thus Mural Arts, being a vibrant and upcoming art scene in the city, has been identified as one of the elements to stimulate the process.

The Kaunas University of Technology, Faculty of Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities (KTU) is an important actor within the field of academic research on intercultural communication linked to cultural and artistic expression forms. Moreover, the university has facilitated the creation of several Mural works on its campus. Its Associated Partner, Innovative Creative Projects (ICP) is the creator of the Small Walls Project that has created 16 Murals (e.g. by the artist Morfai) around the city since its establishment in 2015. Hereby, it aims to incorporate methods that aid social regeneration through the art form and inject new life into neglected walls it targets.